Fracking for the truth

New Jersey based film maker Lee Alexander Davey was so incensed by the threat of fracking in Derbyshire that he’s made this amazing film.

Lee spent several weeks travelling the region interviewing a broad cross section of our community, we hope you’ll be as impressed with the result as we are.

Please share this far and wide.

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Extra Extra – Weekly Profit Latest Edition

The young are looking to us to halt the destruction of their future and rightly so.

The Conservative government has stated that it would like the support of the young people. The government will never get that support when the young see their policies as destroying their future in such a graphic manner. For the sake of the young this government must end the madness and ban fracking.

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The Truth Behind The Dash For Gas

Documentary lifting the lid on fracking spin, investigating environmental and health issues associated with fracking in Australia, the US, and Lancashire and UK Methane’s plans to drill near drinking water sources in Somerset.

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INEOS Presentation to Frodsham Town Council

On Wednesday 5th of July INEOS Shale were invited by Frodsham town council to present to the UEOG working group. The following blog gives an account of the evening. It is safe to say that those present were far from satisfied with Pickering’s failure to directly answer the questions put to him and that it was the general feeling that time wasting tactics were applied.

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