The UK would have to build 6,100 wells

The UK would have to build 6,100 wells to replace just 50 per cent of gas imports between 2021 and 2035, a new study has found, casting doubt on Conservative calls for a US-style fracking “revolution” in the UK at the last general election.

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Increased Levels of Radon Correspond to Onset of Fracking

Increased Levels of Radon in Pennsylvania Homes Correspond to Onset of Fracking
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“One plausible explanation for elevated radon levels in people’s homes is the development of thousands of unconventional natural gas wells in Pennsylvania over the past 10 years,” says study leader Brian S. Schwartz, MD, a professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Bloomberg School.

“These findings worry us.” The disruptive process that brings gas to the surface can also bring
heavy metals and organic and radioactive materials such as radium-226, which decays into radon. Most indoor radon exposure has been linked to the diffusion of gas from soil. It is also found in well water, natural gas and ambient air

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Holland has put a stop to fracking

For Groningen, the impact of induced earthquakes is a location specific external force. All in all, for a number of residents the large scale gas extraction in Groningen has gradually eroded – and sometimes shockwise shattered – their housing-related wellbeing. In the worst cases, they have to leave their home for safety reasons. Others feel trapped in their once cherished properties that no one wants to take the risk of buying.

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Fracking – An alarming prospect for communities

Zac Goldsmith has warned ministers that their plans to fast-track fracking risk turning whole regions of the country against the Conservatives and igniting a political backlash.

The Tory MP for Richmond said people had legitimate concerns about fracking and that government proposals to bypass local planning decisions on shale gas wells were a mistake.

“Fracking is an issue that has the potential to turn whole regions against the government,” he told the Guardian. “The drilling rigs and pollution, the industrial equipment and sheer volume of trucks all make it an alarming prospect for communities up and down the country.”

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Fracking shake down

Fracking halted again in Lancashire after 17th earthquake in 9 days

METRO Jane Wharton Friday 26 Oct 2018 2:36 pm It is the 17th earthquake in 9 days and has officially been classed as a ‘red event.’ The latest – and biggest – tremor happened this morning on land where energy firm Cuadrilla is drilling for shale gas.

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Weekly Profit – It’s Green GB Week!!!!

So this week is Green GB Week and Claire Perry (energy and clean growth minister) said “I welcome the strong scientific analysis behind today’s IPCC report and it’s conclusions are stark and sober. As policy makers we need to work together to accelerate the low carbon transition to minimise the costs and misery of a rapidly warming world.”

Sadly she also seems to think that fracking is a good idea. Read this edition of the Weekly Profit here to find out why she just might be wrong.

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Anyone smell a rat?

So, in December 2017 INEOS Shale commissioned former MP Natascha Engel to act for them.

On 5th October 2018 it was announced that Natascha Engel has been appointed as Commissioner for Shale Gas.

Apparently ‘The government understands the development of shale gas exploration and production sites is an issue which directly affects local communities and recognises the need to provide those communities with impartial fact based information’

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Power to the Frack Free Four

Responding to the news that three environmental campaigners have been jailed for peacefully resisting fracking in Lancashire, Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP and a vocal critic of the policing of fracking protests, said: “The frack free four are heroes.” Read more here.

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