Fracking could fuel global plastics crisis

UK fracking push could fuel global plastics crisis, say campaigners
Matthew Taylor 22.08.2018…

Government aim to end plastic pollution undermined by keen support for fracking, says Campaign to Protect Rural England The petrochemical giant Ineos is a major plastics producer with plants in Grangemouth in Scotland and Norway, and is at the forefront of the push for fracking in the UK. It currently imports feedstock (the raw materials for making plastic) from the US, but on its website the company – owned by Jim Ratcliffe, the UK’s richest person – says fracking in the UK would allow it “to secure a supply of competitive energy and feedstock for its UK petrochemicals businesses.” The firm has taken a robust and sometimes controversial approach to exploration, clashing with councils and appealing to authorities to force the National Trust to allow it access to their land.

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