Government ‘running out of time’ to deliver green Brexit

Beautiful North East Derbyshire

This is what we have Mr Clark. This is what are determined to protect.

The government wants us to have this. Not just one Mr Clark, one every kilometer. In every direction.

Bolsover Castle

Hardwick Hall

Haddon Hall

Creswell Craggs

Clumber Park

Stainsby Mill

All of the above are 5-15 minutes from where I live. Many people here are employed in these beautiful places. Kept in employment by the tourist industry.

Will there be enough jobs within the fracking companies to employ those who will lose their jobs in our tourist industry if the vile, pollution ridden, insidious fracking industry comes to town Mr Clark? Jobs for the men, the women, the young people, the skilled artisans?

Are there tourists who will visit the fracking sites? Pop into the canteens? Bring their children to spend the day having fun amongst the toxins? Would hard hats and high viz jackets be provided?

No, they won’t come will they Mr Clark. Who in their right minds would want to come and see the destruction? The once beautiful places despoiled, an industrial landscape.

Why would they come Mr Clark?

Government ‘running out of time’ to deliver green Brexit, warns environmental coalition
The Independent

Lancashire Police ‘short-changed’ by Government over fracking protests
28 March, 2018

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, has urged Police and Fire Minister Nick Hurd to reconsider a decision to reimburse Lancashire Police just a fraction of the costs of policing the ongoing fracking protests at Preston New Road.

“The decision to frack in our county overturned that made by Lancashire County Council. The expectation on Lancashire Constabulary to cover the costs of a decision borne in Whitehall is not a fair deal.

“This is a resource demand which is not likely to leave Lancashire any time soon. Protests are still ongoing and are expected to escalate as we enter spring and summer and officers on the ground continue to do a very difficult job under intense pressure and scrutiny.

“This is also not just an issue for Blackpool and the Fylde; officers from across Lancashire continue to undertake shifts at the site, and this is not how the public of Lancashire expect their police budget to be spent so I will continue to fight this.”

The plastics crisis is more urgent than you know. Recycling bottles won’t fix it

The Guardian, John Vidal

Gove’s initiative is welcome, but minimal, and will have zero impact on the vast and growing scale of the plastic problem. The scheme is aimed at people fed up with litter, and to Blue Planet viewers who are shocked by images of birds swallowing plastic straws and turtles being choked by plastic bags. It is no more use than a heavy smoker forgoing a single cigarette.

Gas ‘crisis’ prompts calls for fantasy solutions

Utility Week, POLICY & REGULATION 28/03/2018 at 8:26am Paul Massara, former chief executive, Npower

I find it extraordinary that anyone still seriously believes that the UK will have a shale gas industry mimicking that of the US. Our land tenure laws are different, so is our geology; ditto our population density and location in the global liquefied natural gas trade. No other European nation is making a success of fracking – most have either banned or abandoned it, and Britain is nowhere near making a go of it either. Even if it did take off, the impact on the interconnected European gas market price would be limited. Perhaps the government knows this too but is afraid to admit it, still refusing to publish a 2016 report that vastly downgraded expectations to just 155 wells across the country by 2025.

Fracking might happen and it might not; but the experience thus far is not encouraging, and touting it as a solution to anything falls into the fantasy basket

CLA condemns fracking company’s approach to land access
Farmers Weekly, Philip Clarke Thursday 29 March 2018 6:00

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has written to leading fracking company Ineos, complaining about its recent approaches to farmers and landowners in relation to accessing land for seismic surveys and future shale gas extraction.

The letter, from CLA president Tim Breitmeyer , has been triggered by Ineos’s decision to seek High Court action against the National Trust over its refusal to grant access to one of its large estates in Nottinghamshire.

But a spokesman said the letter also reflected the CLA’s more general concern about Ineos’s recent behaviour, including its requests for farmers and landowners to grant access to their land to carry out seismic testing.

Sheffield council pauses tree-felling scheme after criticism

The Guardian

Michael Gove, the environment secretary, said on Sunday he would “do anything” to stop what he described as the “environmental vandalism”.

Woman arrested after blowing small plastic trumpet at police during Sheffield trees protest


Woman with pink recorder arrested over Sheffield tree felling protest

The Guardian, Helen Pidd, North of England editor Friday 23rd March 2018

A newly ordained vicar armed with a tambourine and a woman with a broken arm and a pink glittery recorder are among the latest protesters to be arrested in Sheffield while trying to halt the destruction of the city’s trees.

Disabled 85-year-old woman dragged across busy road by police at fracking protest

Mr Clark, I have looked at tourism and the loss of jobs in the tourism industry that Fracking would bring, the costs to our police forces of the totally over the top policing of anti- Fracking protests (sometimes 30 police to 4-5 peaceful protesters, also the famous ‘rescue of the pallets’ by police from a protection camp which took more police than I have ever seen in one place before, they destroyed the majority of the pallets, which had been donated by the way, in the rescue.) The policing of peaceful protestors is a worry to many ordinary people Mr Clark, they see this and wonder why, in our homeland, this is allowed to happen.

I have looked again at plastic pollution and Mr Goves’ statement re ’Environmental Vandalism’ yet the pursuit of shale gas to make yet more plastic continues, environmental vandalism beyond belief.

I have looked at the former Chief Executive of NPOWERs’ comments that ‘Fracking as a solution falls into the fantasy basket’ and the failure of other European countries to make a success of Fracking, most having banned or abandoned it.

I have looked at our farmers complaining once again about the tactics of INEOS.

The evidence is there Mr Clark. The time is now, there can be no more delay.

End the madness
Ban Fracking.