INEOS Survey

INEOS is one of several companies licensed by the Oil and Gas Authority to extract gas from shale deep in the ground by fracking. The survey, which will cover around 35 sq miles in the Bolsover and North East Derbyshire area helping INEOS to gain a better understanding of the rock formations below the ground from which shale gas could potentially be extracted.

The survey is currently underway and is likely to be taking place in our local area between August and November 2017. The map below shows the area to be covered by the survey.

INEOS seismic survey area

The INEOS seismic survey method statement can be downloaded here. (PDF Version)

The INEOS permitted development order can be downloaded here. (PDF Version)

The DCC notification of seismic of seismic surveys can be downloaded here. (PDF Version) 

If anyone witnesses ‘poor’ or ‘dangerous’ traffic management practices by INEOS operatives whilst undertaking their seismic surveys – please take five minutes to complete the online form which will send a report to the Health And Safety Executive.

Such activity could include; lack of hazard warning lights on vehicles, lack of proper traffic direction (directing cars into on-coming traffic, no stop/go sign boards), obstruction of public highways, closure of public roads by means of prolonged obstruction, speeding, operatives in the public highway without warning signage, reversing HGV vehicles into the public highway without the use of a banksman, mud left on roads following activities, unsafe parking of vehicles…

If you have video footage or photographs keep them to one side and offer to provide them to HSE if they would like them.