It’s here – seismic surveys start June 2017

Seismic testing will start in the Chesterfield, Worksop and Mansfield areas on 20th May 2017.

UPDATE: We understand that from the 20th May operatives will be receiving training for seismic surveying and that the testing will be taking place in this area between June and December, please be on the lookout.

They cannot come onto land without the landowner’s permission.  If they try to come on your land or you know of landowners who have not given their permission, you can ring 07858 614 861 where free legal advice is available.

We still have some information leaflets on seismic testing that will be available at the next public meeting on the 16th May.

Seismic Survey Truck

If you see any thumper trucks or cables being laid in fields, please let us know so we can collate the information.

Many thanks,

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