MP’s bid to stop fracking causing earthquakes

MP Lee Rowley is introducing a bill to Parliament in a bid to stop fracking companies causing earthquakes in areas in which they operate.

The Fracking (Seismic Activity) Bill aims to ensure that the current ‘Traffic Light System’ – used to monitor and stop earthquakes which can be felt on the surface – will be upgraded from regulation which can be amended at any time to statutory legislation.

The regulation forces fracking companies to suspend operations if a seismic event of over 0.5 magnitude  follows calls from the fracking industry to relax regulations to allow fracking to coccurs. This newsontinue following >0.5 magnitude earthquakes.

Industry giant Ineos has been granted permission to drill for shale gas reserves in Mr Rowley’s constituency – on land off Bramley Moor Lane, Marsh Lane, near Eckington –following a public inquiry last year.

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