MYTH #10: “Fracking will create 64,000 jobs”

FACT: This oft-quoted figure comes from a report commissioned by fracking industry trade body UKOOG in 2014. However, they don’t tell you is how this headline figure is arrived at. Of the report’s estimate of 64,000 jobs, only about 6,100 would be direct jobs in the gas industry. The extra 58,400 jobs are described as indirect or induced jobs, with little explanation how this figure is arrived at. Compare this to a similar report commissioned by DECC, which stated that only 16,000 to 32,000 full-time jobs – direct and indirect – would be created at peak construction by the shale gas industry (and one third would be overseas). This is fewer than the 27,000 jobs already lost or under threat because of the government’s cuts in support to the solar industry alone.