Shale gas is a feed stock for plastic

Yet Another Dead Whale Is Grave Reminder Of Our Massive Plastic Problem

After investigating, the El Valle Wildlife Rescue Center determined that the sperm whale was killed by gastric shock to its stomach and intestines after ingesting 64 pounds of plastic. The autopsy found plastic bags, nets, ropes, plastic sacks, and even a plastic jerrycan in the whale’s stomach and intestines.

The Guardian
Adam Vaughan; 25.12.2017

Ineos, owned by the billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, has been one of the most bullish proponents of exploiting shale gas, arguing that it is vital to stop the decline of British manufacturing. For instance, Ineos has said fracked gas can be sent to its facilities, converted into ethylene and then used in the production of plastic products.

Quite a pair of headlines Mr Clark

Firstly we have the devastation that plastic is bringing to our world, have you ever seen a sadder picture Mr Clark? This is happening on your watch.

Secondly we have a ‘bullish’ corporation wishing to devastate our countryside and the lives of men, women and children, pollute our air, land and water, destroy our wildlife and environment in the sole intention of producing more plastics to devastate yet more of our world.

Do you now grasp the hypocrisy of the situation?

What happens when there is nothing left Mr Clark? Who will want or need the plastic??
The Anti Fracking community is now so large and well educated in the harm and destruction caused by Fracking that it has now also become the Anti Plastic community. We give the plastic back at supermarket checkouts Mr Clark, we refuse to buy single use plastics, we now have our milkmen back on their rounds bringing our glass bottles of milk – try McQueens, they are brilliant – we lobby supermarkets and insist that products once wrapped in plastic are wrapped no longer. We e mail fast food outlets re straws and medical supply companies re cotton buds. We research and identify those that can end this barbaric use of plastic that is causing such devastation. We do not want or need this rubbish, we will no longer accept it

I have a nice new anti fracking poster for your office wall on the last page Mr Clark, read it carefully, it says it all.

Those we are lobbying are listening Mr Clark. Why aren’t you?

Mail on Line
MICHAEL GOVE; 27.03.2018

We must act NOW to save oceans as plastic pollution in the sea is set to treble in a decade unless marine litter is curbed

The National
Greg Russell; 10.04.2018

Scotland a ‘world leader’ in assessing dangers of fracking

SCOTLAND is a world leader with its comprehensive approach to assessing the hazards and public health implications of fracking, according to experts.

And in the first study of its type, the team at Stirling University says our “comprehensive” approach sets a precedent for other countries.

They studied how the Scottish Government analysed the potential impact of unconventional oil and gas extraction (UOGE), which includes hydraulic fracturing – fracking – for shale gas, coalbed methane extraction, and underground coal gasification.

Remind me Mr Clark, Scotland banned Fracking to protect Scottish people did it not? Scotland listened to its’ people did it not? Scotland did not rely upon outdated, cherry picked reports that backed up what it wanted we, the public, to believe whilst ignoring and/or burying/retracting the reports that did not back up what it wanted we, the public, to hear.
I have commented before Mr Clark that you would do well to listen to Scotland rather than the Fracking Industry Lobbyists.

Scotland is, after all, an acknowledged ‘World Leader’

Yorkshire Post

Ban on fracking near North Yorkshire homes moves closer after inspector’s ruling

A proposal that would stop nearly all fracking within 500 metres of homes in North Yorkshire moved a step closer today after a government-appointed planning inspector indicated she was likely to approve it. In a blow to the firms hoping to carry out hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in England’s largest county, Elizabeth Ord indicated she was ‘provisionally satisfied’ that the measure outlined by local authorities was sound.

North Yorkshire County Councillor Andrew Lee said: “We welcome the Planning Inspector’s decision in relation to the 500m zone, as this was intended to strengthen the protection of the world class environment and landscape of our beautiful county and the health and wellbeing of our residents and interests of our businesses.

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Public support for fracking is at its lowest since records began according to the government’s own research.

Shale gas companies threaten legal challenge over minimum gap between homes and fracking sites
Drill or Drop; BY RUTH HAYHURST ON APRIL 13, 2018 • ( 56 COMMENTS )

A policy requiring a distance of 500m between homes and fracking sites in North Yorkshire got official backing today – but the fracking industry immediately threatened to challenge it in court.
A Government-appointed planning inspector supported the idea during a hearing to scrutinise the North Yorkshire minerals plan, which will guide decisions on shale gas for the next 15 years.
Elizabeth Ord, who has to decide whether the plan is sound, told the hearing:
“I am satisfied that there should be a 500m buffer, or whatever you want to call it.”

Here we go again Mr Clark.

The bully boys making their threats. Can’t get their own way so out spits the dummy – again.

There are so many individuals all pursuing their own personal agendas – whether it be in politics or multi-national companies, and usually motivated by personal gain (whether that be financial, job advancement or social ladder climbing)

Unfortunately, these agendas are being followed at the expenses of harming innocent people and the environment. What is really horrific is that the perpetrators know this and are still prepared to continue.

Keith Atkin – Anti fracking Community