We are not going away Mr Clark; we are ready, are you?

Every field in our area had seismic testing carried out on it Mr Clark. Each one a field that Ineos would like to destroy. The wildlife in this area is the wildlife that Ineos are preparing to harm.
There are badgers, foxes, deer, falcons, owls, ravens, crows, magpies, hawks, buzzards, newts, frogs, toads, hedgehogs, mice, voles, rabbits, hares, sparrows, chaffinch, robins, wren, stoats- to name but a few.

Where is all this wildlife to go when their habitat is destroyed Mr Clark? Why is their habitat to be destroyed to make more of the plastics that already causes them such harm? Are they not due our protection and respect Mr Clark? Do they not matter?

Pennsylvania Gas Field
Where is all this wildlife to go when their habitat is destroyed Mr Clark?

They do matter Mr Clark. They matter to us, the ‘British Public’. The voters. The people who will decide come the next election who will sit in Westmonster and hopefully do the least harm. Support of the vile, pollution ridden, insidious industry called Fracking will harm both the people and the wildlife Mr Clark, you already know this, you cannot fail to know this. Will you ask us the British Public at the next election, which is getting closer and closer on a daily basis, to trust the Conservative Party to do the least harm? Only 16% of the population support Fracking Mr Clark, ergo 84% do not, for whatever reason, the fact is they do not.

Ignore the 84% yet ask us to trust you? Do the math Mr Clark.

This is our village Mr Clark. This picture was taken by my close friend Patricia on Wednesday last week. Beautiful isn’t it. Our homes overlook countryside that Fracking will destroy.

You are prepared to destroy our environment, our wildlife and us.

Fracking is the biggest threat to the environment this country has ever seen, you know this Mr Clark, you know you will be held responsible. You know that history will record you as the man who brought illness through pollution, contaminated water and land to more people than anyone before you. You know that Fracking will push climate change past the point of no return and affect every single man, woman, child, animal, fish, insect, tree, flower and plant on this planet. You know all this and you know that there is an alternative.

No more Mr Clark, this has gone too far. Stop it now.

Do the right thing, follow the only road that will keep our children safe.

Reject the Frackers, reject the pollution, don’t allow fracking Mr Clark.

Please say no. End the Madness

Below is a copy of a recent letter in a Local Newspaper. Just so you know the depth of feeling within the electorate Mr Clark.

‘Once again we see the Government misleading the public, who I thought they were elected to serve, by refusing the release a Cabinet office report on fracking “as it would call into question the industry’s viability”. Surely the population, and particularly those whose lives would be affected by this industry, have a right to know just how viable this industry is bearing in mind the anguish that this industry will bring with it? When a Freedom of Information request was submitted asking for the full Cabinet Office report to be made public, it was rejected even though it was recognised that “decisions ministers make regarding fracking may have a significant impact on the lives of the citizens”.

Would someone please explain to me why do the “citizens” not have a right to
know the truth? I thought we lived in a democracy… oh well, maybe not. I would also like to question the part of the response to refuse to release this report which states “there is little in the report that would promote greater public understanding of the industry”. Really? How patronising. I would hazard a guess that many of the ordinary folk whose lives will be disrupted by fracking have a greater understanding of this industry than half of the MPs in Government today.
As someone who has witnessed first hand the stress and worry the threat of having this industry close by causes, communities have an absolute right to see every bit of Government evidence, particularly as we now know that previous reports detrimental to fracking have also been supressed and claims of cheap gas and tens of thousands of jobs have been shown to be a complete myth. It should also not be forgotten that this industry has no social licence, although that, too, is being ignored by the Government.’
Courtesy Christine Daker

I, and hundreds of thousands – actually millions as only 16% of the population support fracking- of citizens of this country agree wholeheartedly with the lady who wrote this letter.
The election grows ever nearer Mr Clark, soon that day will be today.

Pollutants from fracking could pose health risk to children, warn researchers
The Guardian Nicola Davis 27.10.2017

Analysis of US fracking sites suggests pollutants including airborne particulates and heavy metals could affect neurodevelopment of babies and children

Pollutants released during fracking processes could pose a health risk to infants and children, according to researchers studying chemicals involved in shale gas operations.
However, other countries have banned the practice, including France, Ireland, and Germany, citing environmental concerns, with the Scottish parliament today backing the Scottish government’s ban.

The 100 Women March to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool, 3 April 2018. Photo: Refracktion
Drill or Drop.

We are not going away Mr Clark. Look at the voters in this picture.
The election is coming. We are ready, are you?

50 officers break up OAP fracking protest
The Daily Telegraph, By Joel Adams

A PENSIONERS’ knitting circle was broken up by 50 uniformed police officers as they protested at a controversial fracking site.

The protest was an extension of a weekly silent “call for calm” by female protesters at Cuadrilla’s shale gas drilling site in Preston New Road near Preston, Lancashire.

As tensions escalated, the pensioners chanted “Shame on you” as a wall of officers in high-vis jackets moved them on.

Sharm Graves, who travelled from Scotland to attend the protest last Wednesday, filmed police moving one group of grandmothers out of the way so that water tankers could exit the premises.
She told The Daily Telegraph: “They were a disgrace to the uniform. It came from nothing. They blocked off one circle, they broke a chair, they cut our wool. Most of the ladies in that ¬circle were at least in their 60s, some were much older.”

I would have thought that in light of the report below there would hardly be the man power, let alone the necessity, to have 50 police officers to deal with elderly ladies doing their knitting.
These ladies are voters Mr Clark.

House of Commons Library
BRIEFING PAPER Number 00634, 23 March 2018

Police Service Strength Summary Total police officer strength in the United Kingdom increased year on year between 2003, when there were 155,000 officers, and 2010, when there were just over 171,600. Since 2010 the number of police officers has fallen each year. At 31 March 2017 there were a total of 150,000 police officers operating within the United Kingdom. This was a reduction of 3.3% compared to 2003 and a decrease of 12.4% from 2010

And yet more voters Mr Clark.
We are poised to enter the Polling Booth, it is only a matter of time.

I was on this march Mr Clark. There were hundreds of us, all voters.

Fracking is linked to breast cancer: Chemicals used in high-pressure oil and gas extraction cause uncontrolled cell division

Drill or Drop. 24.02.2018

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5363003/Fracking-linked-breast-cancer.html#ixzz5C6Nvx54u

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Are you prepared to state publicly and categorically that this report is incorrect Mr Clark? Are you prepared to state to both myself and every other woman in this country that we, our daughters and our granddaughters will have absolutely no risk of developing breast cancer due to fracking? Remember Mr Clark, men get breast cancer too.

Unless you are 100 per cent positive that the citizens of this country are at no risk whatsoever and you are able to back up that certainty you have no right to impose fracking upon us. After all, it could be your wife, your children, your grandchildren. Could you live with that Mr Clark?

Organic Lifestyle Magazine
April 2, 2018 by Michael Edwards

Dr. Sandra Steingraber is a biologist and one of the co-authors. She’s been a public health advocate on issues like breast cancer and toxic incinerators. She says that “Fracking is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

Call it a day on fracking Mr Clark. You cannot categorically state that there will be no harm done to people, wildlife and environment.

You cannot categorically state that our air, land and water will not be polluted.

If you could do all this there would be no need to force Fracking upon us.

Multiple pollutants found in the air and water near fracked oil and gas sites are linked to brain problems in children, according to a science review published today.

BRIAN BIENKOWSKI – OCTOBER 26, 2017; Earth Island Journal

Researchers focused on five types of pollution commonly found near the sites — heavy metals, particulate matter, polycyclic aromatic hydrobcarbons, BTEX, and endocrine disrupting compounds — and scrutinized existing health studies of the compounds’ impacts to kids’ brains.
“Early life exposure to these air and water pollutants has been shown to be associated with learning and neuropsychological deficits, neurodevelopmental disorders, and neurological birth defects, with potentially permanent consequences to brain health,”

I return once again to the words of Jim Ratcliffe. They infuriate me.
Symbiotic. Interaction between species.
Is that how the British Public is seen? A species?

Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful *There are 5 major types of symbiotic relationships: – *Predation – *Parasitism – *Competition – *Mutualism – *Commensalism.

“It is like a puncture in your car – occasionally you get a puncture and occasionally we have an accident in chemicals.”

Jim Ratcliffe; INEOS

The “symbiotic relationship between the local community and the chemical plant” is important because “occasionally things go wrong and you need, they need, you know we need their sort of sympathy from time to time”