Weekly Profit

One of our wonderful campaigners ‘The Weekly Profit’ regularly writes to our MPs to make sure they have the latest information about the dangers of fracking.

These letters hold some great information so we also publish them here.

“It is like a puncture in your car – occasionally you get a puncture and occasionally we have an accident
Jim Ratcliffe about the environmental record (and the environment)... “It is like a puncture in your car – occasionally you
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Yet another country listens to it’s people …
Denmark Bans Fracking. The government stops all oil and gas hunting on land and the government closes for drilling for
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No government information on shale gas employment, flow back waste or treatment methods.
Ms Perry threw the potential of UK shale into doubt just weeks after Greg Clark, the Business Secretary, put the
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Fracking revolt grows stronger in Derbyshire
Hundreds of people marched on a noisy and colourful Not for Shale anti-fracking protest through the North Derbyshire countryside last
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Potential Damage from Fracking
Department of business, energy and industrial strategy confirms potential damage from fracking...
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Gas for plastic
I am informed that shale gas is an essential feedstock for the plastics industry...
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